About this comic

Hi! As the title says, this is the journal I kept while traveling the US with my boyfriend Glenn Lazo. The trip lasted 3 weeks, through July 17th and August 9th 2013. Since we are both animators, our trip mainly focused on our experiencies in animation and comics related events. It probably also includes a fair dose of the following: Fear of the future, career uncertainity, conversations with awesome artists, being fanboys, unexpected turn of events, reflexing about being a women in the industry, going crazy buying books and late night conversations with your significant other.

Our stops included:

July 18th to 21th: San Diego (For Trickst3er and spoilers!: Comicon)
July 22th to 24th: Anaheim (For Siggraph)
July 25th to 29th: Los Angeles (Just because)
July 30th to  August 8th: San Francisco (For Animation Mentor graduation)

Hope you enjoy it!